Empowering Patients and Practitioners to Improve Care

At BERG we believe that patients are the key to discovering new treatments and that precision medicine will empower patients to better understand and improve their own health.   

A patient’s most precious and limited resource is time and their access to treatment can be limited by prohibitive costs. The current drug development model is broken with only 1% of clinical trials ever resulting in an approved drug. The clinical development of one drug can cost up to $2.6 billion dollars and can take 12-14 years to gain marketing approval. This is why BERG is striving to reduce the time and cost of developing diagnostics and treatments for patients. 

The key to our efforts is the patient's own biology. By examining the patient's cells we can get a clearer picture of what is occurring in the patient at the molecular level. We can examine massive data sets of biological and clinical data using machine learning AI to discover new insight into the biological activity of both healthy and diseased cells. By interrogating the differences and relationships of the biological activity we can reveal key points of interest that may lead to potential treatments or diagnostics. 

Through the continuous innovation of our technology platform and our back to biology approach we aim to disrupt the healthcare industry. We aim to change the very nature of healthcare by bringing precision medicine to patients, driven by the patient's own biology and realized through our Interrogative Biology® platform.

The patient is at the center of our discovery platform.