Back to Biology - BERG Interrogative Biology® Platform


The BERG Interrogative Biology® platform is the engine that drives our discovery and innovation.  A technology platform built around our back to biology approach to the research and development of treatments for patients. While traditional pharma approaches drug discovery through chemical libraries and hypothesis, we start with the patient's own biology.

Patient samples are collected in both diseased and healthy states and are processed by our high throughput mass spectrometer workflow. Here we analyze the biological activity and make up the sample through adaptive omics. This includes the genome, proteome, lipidome and metabolome. We also look at mitochondrial function, oxidative states, and ATP production to examine how the cells are functioning. The process produces trillions of data points from a single sample. The data is then combined with patient clinical information and analyzed by our proprietary artificial intelligence machine learning analytics program. This combination of systems biology and artificial intelligence is the BERG Interrogative Biology® platform.

Our platform analyzes the patient data in an unbiased way looking at all the data in a deep learning process. This analysis gives us a picture of the activity of the biological systems within the patient. A network of connections and activity is generated that can be studied further by additional statistical analysis to reveal the biomarkers for a disease. These biomarkers can lead to new diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments for patients. 


A Next Generation Medicine™ Platform


BERG's Interrogative Biology® platform is the central driver of our Next Generation Medicine™ program. Our platform's unique combination of adaptive-omic biological data and advanced AI, machine learning algorithms allow us to stratify patient populations by phenotype to build predictive models. The model can be applied to an individual patient's clinical information to predict the efficacy of drug or screen out potentially toxic treatments.

Our platform will bring true precision to healthcare delivering the right treatments to the right patients at the right time. Next generation medicine may greatly improve patient outcomes while also reducing incidents of hospital admissions due to toxicity benefiting the healthcare system as a whole.

Precision medicine has great potential to empower patients to better understand their health and for caregivers to have more informed treatment options.


A Patient Intelligence™ Platform


BERG Analytics, a division of BERG, provides real time analytic solutions that predict the impact of treatment plans at the individual level to optimize population health strategies. With our patented analytics engine, bAIcis™, Berg Analytics empowers health plans, providers, EHR vendors, and clinical decision support organizations  to plan, implement and measure interventions that benefit individuals. bAIcis™ also provides organizations with actionable Patient Intelligence™ to drive population-level efficiency. Berg Analytics' solutions help reduce adverse events, slow disease progression, and improving therapeutic effectiveness through precision treatment selection that reduces spending and maximizes outcomes.

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